Self Love Spells

Spells for Self-Love

I'd like to learn to love myself

Self-love is vital - it is the base for your whole self. When you have self-love, you have the ability to love whole-heartedly without giving away your responsibility, independence and self-respect to another person.

A destructive personality lacks self-love and cannot show or teach another to love or accentuate love in its true form, but when you love yourself in this world, the impossible turns into possible. Never forget to love yourself.

If you're ready to start to love yourself whole-heartedly Dee can change your vibration to turn your wish into a reality.

Once you have purchased this spell Dee will contact you for details required to personalise the spell.

Upon contact, and to ensure the spell is specifically tailored to your request, Dee will ask you for:

  • a full name
  • date of birth

Information will usually be requested via email, upon receipt of payment.

Cost: £ 120