A little about me

My name is Dee Johnson and I wish you a warm welcome to The Modern Witch. 

  • Since childhood I have been drawn to the power of the moon and planets and the wisdom of the feminine, magical tradition.
  • I like helping people which is why I enjoy doing one to one psychic readings.
  • I am a Wiccan Initiate and have taught empowering groups and private tuition on a one to one basis for many years.

Dee is an international white witch and the UK’s leading expert in Witchcraft. With her natural ability, experience and love for nature she intuitively created ‘The Modern Witch’ for those seeking a deeper meaning and who are drawn to this ancient craft.

Over the years Dee has held workshops, talks and has taught numerous private groups subjects ranging from the benefits of using the craft in everyday life to how to make conscious business decisions.

Ethically sourced crystals, herbs, candles are used coupled with the Moon's astrological phases to gain the best results for her clients. Love spells, Prosperity spells and Protection spells are the most popular. Dee is equally proud of her celebrity following as well as sharing the qualities of being The Modern Witch.

Please contact me for more information.

Dee, The Modern Witch