"I have known Dee for quite a long time, her work is amazing and very precise, she is a very dedicated lady and always encourages people to bring out the best in them. A true Goddess, we are blessed to have her in our lives."

Denise Harrison

"I was going through a very bad time in my life, then I met a lovely Goddess called Dee Johnson, Dee has guided me through a painful time and I know she has done this with her heart and continues to do so for many others. Dee has changed my life since introducing me to Wicca and magic. My life has completely turned around now and I feel that the spells she had cast have now brought about so many opportunities and the world is my oyster. I love witchcraft, spells and magic and all that they have done for me. Thank you Dee Johnson, your dearest follower."

Ruth xxx

"I have been to Dee's Wicca course and she really teaches a special kind of magic. love and friendship."

Patricia x

"Dee is an incredible lady that I am glad I can call a friend. I had been working with Dee for about a year and barely knew her. No one at work knew the hell that I was currently going through. I was desperately trying to find a witch on the Internet to help me. One day Dee just started chatting to me about her other job in a crystal shop, it was the most we had ever spoken and felt like we were being pushed together. I asked her outright if she was a witch and when she said she was, I asked for her help. Dee supported me through my whole ordeal. She taught me that there is so much more to being a witch then just casting a spell. That it is a way of life and your mind is your most powerful weapon, you have to adjust the way you think and act. She not only solved my love life problem for me but guided me to be the happiest I had ever been. My relationship went from a disaster to the best it had ever been with a stronger love then before. That love has lasted through some very tough times and still strengthens every day.
I have since been lucky enough to go on Dee's amazing witch course and learnt so much and made lots of new friends. I would highly recommend Dee for teaching anyone who wants to learns more about witchcraft, she is incredibly knowledgeable. Or if you just need a one off helping hand with any problems, she is very understanding and easy to talk to and gets you the outcome you want."